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Mint Academy student Terms & Conditions


  1. The fees for the course must be paid by the date due of the invoice. Failure to do so will jeopardise your position at the Mint Academy (without Mint accepting Liability).
  2. If you fail to attend or complete any of the course you will not be entitled to a refund or be entitled to attend another date. Attendance is at your own risk. There will be no allowance given for lateness, including personal injury or illness.
  3. Mint will find live models for the course, but we cannot guarantee a set amount.
  4. Mint will not be open on bank holidays and students will not be reimbursed with these hours
  5. Self-inflicted injury, or injury caused indirectly or directly by another person cannot bring a lawsuit to Mint by the student or any related party.
  6. Students accept that they may be contacted by Mint via Email.
  7. All Courses and Fees are subject to change without prior notification and The MINT Academy reserves the right to cancel or change the start date of a Course where there are insufficient numbers booked on for it or to be viable to run
  8. Mint can expel students without a refund of fees. You are expected to conduct yourself in an ordinary manner that is safe for other Mint personnel. The use of drugs is prohibited unless prescribed. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at any time. Any student found stealing from the premises will be expelled immediately without a refund and the police will be notified. If any student damages the Mint property they will risk expulsion without refund of fees. Any form of abuse to the educator or students will result in expulsion without a refund of fees.
  9. Mint accepts no responsibility for loss of personal possessions or equipment.
  10. Courses cannot be cancelled after the cooling off period, and all deposits/course fees are fully non-refundable.
  11. You will have a cooling off period with any full course payment. The cooling off period starts on the date of payment and ends on the expiry of 14 days beginning with the later of, the day after the payment was made or, the day after the day on which you made the payment.
  12. All finance enquiries are with the finance provider, not the Mint Academy.
  13. You will have a right to cancel the finance agreement for a short time after the agreement is made. You can do this by contacting the finance provider. The cancellation period starts on the date of the finance agreement and ends on the expiry of 14 days beginning with the later of, the day after the agreement was made or, the day after the day on which you receive this agreement and all the terms.
  14. All cooling off periods are void once the course start date has begun.


Mint Academy model Terms & Conditions

At Mint we are a training academy that provides training for our students. We have the right to refuse you a haircut or service. A model cannot bring a lawsuit against Mint for any reason, which includes self- inflicted injury during the course or injury caused indirectly or directly by any other member of staff or student. As a model you also agree that we can take photos and use them on our social media and other online platforms.